2014 Alumni Game



Fellow Stags – the 2014 Stags vs Dinos game was played on September 13 on a beautiful fall day, perfect rugby weather!!  As is the norm for this game club playoffs were scheduled for later in the day and this impacted the Dinos as many of them had club obligations and were not available to play.  This always plays into the Stags game plan…..fitter young guys with a short bench while the Stags continue to get more and more guys out for the game.  We actually had 21 guys out with many of them part of the post 2000 graduates so still relatively fit.  The day started off with a quick meeting with the referee to ensure he understood the rules of engagement with the young bucks and that any questionable plays always called in favour of the Stags, not that we needed it in the end.  We started with the traditional 10 minutes of touch where the Stags scored 2 tries to Dinos 0 and then moved to the contact game with uncontested scrums.  The Stags maintained the longstanding dominance over the Dinos and scored 6 or 7 tries to the Dinos 3.  There was lots of action with good running and great tackles.  As indicated we had 21 guys out who played and we had a few supporters on the sidelines, Simon Chi, Harry Irving, Bob Marshall, Clay Rivard and later on the deck Al Laberge & John Schleske.

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